What the client wanted

Zenith is the UK’s leading independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business, with capabilities across all vehicle asset types, supporting business fleets, salary sacrifice and consumer cars. Zenith launched a new performance and development programme for all employees to ensure regular and effective conversations about individuals’ growth, performance and development (My GPS).  Zenith were looking for an engaging and stretching development programme for managers and supervisors to build their skill and confidence in leading effective GPS conversations.

What we did

Working in partnership with Gill Parkin Consulting, Impromptu co designed and delivered a highly impactful day-long workshop, providing over 200 leaders, managers and supervisors from across the Zenith business with the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on what effective development and performance conversations look like.  Together with Gill, we used a variety of techniques including demonstrations, forum theatre pre-written scenarios and individual real play, where participants practice current and live conversations to explore listening, building trust, challenging effectively and leading adult-adult conversations.  Participants experienced the power of individualised learning, peer support and feedback together with insightful coaching from Gill and the Impromptu team.


Our contribution was part of a significant organisation-wide programme to create coherence and consistency in approach and build skill and confidence.  Along with strong internal communication around the new approach, the opportunity to explore and practice in a safe and stretching environment has led to leaders showing more vulnerability day to day, a willingness to hold the mirror up to themselves to work on themselves and a drive to refine and sharpen those leadership skills for the Zenith of tomorrow.  Zenith’s Talent Lead who was instrumental in the design and delivery of the programme commented;

“Colleagues who have gone through the workshop, have taken a lot away from the insightful sessions; leaders have been able to use real life scenarios to really focus and sharpen those skills on having brilliant conversations.  Leaders have left the training feeling empowered and more confident, with a better sense of their strengths and development areas, and for some the realisation that they have neglected working on themselves which is sprung them to action. The impact we are seeing as a business so far, is better conversations around performance and development and leaders who are implementing the learning back to their day to day which for us is really important to see that adoption.”

Participant comment;

“The training has already been a real game changer for me and my team; it’s made it much easier for us to clearly define development paths, have positive conversations about behaviour expectations and has provided parity when it comes to expectations across the team (and across the business).”