Victoria Mintey


Victoria combines her degrees in Psychology and Performance with ten years of professional theatre experience to offer versatile, astute and impactful communication skills training. As a business role player and coach, Victoria has worked extensively in the development and delivery of executive level experiential learning courses and simulations. She has amassed knowledge of the communication needs within a range of MNCs and experienced, first hand, how communication skills must be addressed and developed to ensure success in every industry.


Victoria runs a training and coaching business in Singapore focussing on the development of personal presence and impact for presentations and meetings. Her insights, expertise and coaching style help people communicate with confidence, compassion and clarity thereby developing their relationships and their business. As a role player she has been involved in a wide variety of training and assessment programmes across the SEA region. These cover issues such as coaching and management development, assessment and development centres (eg. auditing, disciplinary hearings) challenging conversations (eg. work safety, engaging stakeholders).


Areas of Expertise

  • Personal Impact
  • Executive Presence
  • Communication and Presentation skills
  • Coaching and Facilitation
  • Business Role Play


  • B.Sc.(Hons) in Psychology and Anthropology (Durham University)
  • M.A. in Performance (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, UK)