Sara Gaston


Sara has been working as an actor for over 30 years, in the Role-Playing Business for fifteen years, as well as continuing to work as a freelance training professional over several industries. Clients in this field have included Shell, BAE Systems, British Petroleum, Smith & Nephew, Mercer, Texas Children’s Hospital, Baylor Medical School, University of Texas/McGovern Medical School, A&M Medical School, Texas Children’s Hospital, MD Anderson, as well as the Harris County and New Orleans school districts.


As a Role-Player/Trainer/Facilitator, Sara has worked extensively in the field of Performance Management and Difficult Conversations, particularly in the Energy and Petrochemical fields as well as Education and Medicine. Sara has particular experience in the area of delivering bad news. Sara’s work has principally involved a focus on developing effective communication skills, conflict management and resolution, developing confidence in the use of learned coaching techniques, and a willingness to exhibit empathy & vulnerability in the face of difficult situations. Her training, along with her experience as both a corporate and acting coach, have made her a keen listener, an adept observer of human behaviour, and allow her to adapt to any situation quickly.


Areas of Expertise

  • Coaching & Development
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Leadership Training
  • Empathetic & Effective Communication
  • Improving Performance
  • Active Listening
  • Improvised and Scripted role-play
  • Delivering Feedback


  • BA, University of Texas – Drama
  • Improvisation – Second City & The Groundlings
  • Landmark Education