Sabina Ojil


Sabina is an authentic and creative entity with a deep desire to equip, elevate and empower leaders into being the best they can be in every step of their career. Sabina has over ten years of work experience in the banking industry with the National Bank of Kenya. Her previous roles in the banking sector gave her the opportunity to facilitate training programs, lead teams and understand how corporates work. She is now an independent training consultant and facilitator.


Sabina worked in various roles such as Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Operations and Relationship Management. This experience enabled her to have a bird’s eye view of how organizations work. She facilitated in projects such as Customer Experience with ICEA Lion Group and The Leadership Development Program with Standard Group Global.


Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Experience
  • Change Management and Culture Transformation
  • Effective Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Personal Branding
  • Time Management