Pranay is a proffessional actor and director, corporate role-player and actor-facilitator based in New Delhi. He has facilitated programs with the use of drama, helping several organisations and individuals build essential skills in communication and leadership. He has worked on courses and programs such as people management essentials, excellence in people’s leadership, developing influencing skills, appreciative disagreements, conflicts in the workplace, working with teams among others. Most recently, he has worked with companies such as the London Stock Exchange Group, Media IQ, EMIS, Rolls Royce, BT Group, GSK and Renault.


Pranay has over 7 years experience in facilitating drama-based workshops for corporate organisations. Being the founder of an entertainment company that has clients across several sectors – Pranay has developed a nuanced understanding of the corporate work culture. His experience as an improv artist helps during one-to-one roleplays and forum theatre exercises. Apart from the corporate sector, Pranay facilitates drama-based workshops with students, young actors, high school teachers and professors.


Areas of Expertise

  • Influencing Skills
  • Courageous Conversations
  • Feedback and Performance Management
  • Leadership Presence and Development
  • Coaching
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Team Building and Development


  • MA in Classical Acting from LAMDA
  • BA (Hons) in Political Science from Delhi University