SALES TRAINING | Peugeot Motor Company

What the client wanted

Impromptu’s relationship with Peugeot began dates back to 1994 when we were approached to discuss the potential for role-play to be used in their sales training programmes. Working directly with the Peugeot Sales and Management Training, and After Sales Training, Impromptu has subsequently developed a trusted partnership where the added value of role-play is utilised across a wide range of development programmes.

What we did

Impromptu provides role-players to the majority of the UK personal development programmes run by Peugeot. These include sales training, management development, counselling skills, appraisal, recruitment, coaching and customer service training. Peugeot has recognised the value of taking the learning experience directly into the work place, through the use of professional role-play, by providing real life contexts in which participants can practice, explore and develop their skills. The quality of the role-play and feedback experience, provided by Impromptu, has meant that we are considered to add real value to the learning experience.

Additionally, Peugeot has extensively used Impromptu’s skills, as actors, directors, writers, and editors in producing high quality bespoke training videos for use in their internal training programmes.

The Outcomes

  • Participants emerge from programmes with enhanced tools that are immediately transferable to the work place.
  • A consistent model for the application of the role-play methodology that is established, continuously improved and gives participants real stretch in a safe environment.
  • Significant benefits of a long term partnership in terms of trust, familiarity, continuity and a strong framework for ongoing development of the service.