Peterborough City Council call on Impromptu to help review their HR processes

Earlier this year Impromptu worked with the Human Resources team at PeterboroughCity Council (PCC) to help them roll out a new performance appraisal process. Following a major review of the HR processes at PCC the decision was made to streamline the previous Performance Development Review process and refocus it on simplified paperwork and having more effective conversations with team members.

Impromptu worked with PCC HR to design and deliver, for their management teams, two half-day events to support the implementation of their new process and build skills to enable them, and their teams, to get the most from it. The focus of these events was on revisiting the importance of effective performance reviewing, and also providing strategies for the more challenging reviews that were likely to take place during testing times in the public sector.

We were delighted, during a recent review of this programme with PCC HR, to be told that feedback had been very positive on this programme, and our willingness to understand and embrace the culture of PCC had been especially appreciated.