What the client wanted

PepsiCo’s leadership learning team were looking for an innovative approach to help their global senior leadership population be more impactful in their communication.  The intervention had to fit with the culture of this world leading FMCG company and dovetail with PepsiCo’s GREAT5 leadership indicators.  Our challenge was to create a stretching, engaging, experiential programme delivered by a global team in bite-sized sessions on a virtual platform.


What we did

We created a tailor-made communication tool for the client that aligned with their leadership indicators, a suite of tips, tools and online resources, together with a before and after self-assessment tool to enable participants to measure the impact of the training on their communication effectiveness.  At the heart of the programme is a communication challenge – a sequence of virtual practical workshops.  We kick off by introducing each cohort to the communication tool and use demonstration scenes and forum theatre to bring the tool and learning to life.  Workshops two and three are intensive trio practice and coaching sessions, where each participant work on a significant one-to-one and one-to-many communication scenario based on their unique leadership context.  The final workshop brings everything together with a celebration and sharing of impact and learning.


Now in its fourth year, this programme is one of a few provided externally that has been included by PepsiCo into their ongoing leadership learning offering.  We have worked with some 200 senior executives from across PepsiCo’s global businesses operations and functions.  Participant feedback has been powerful and hugely positive.

“Role playing gave the opportunity for real time feedback and “do-overs”. Multiple points of feedback help to highlight areas of opportunity and strength.”

“Understanding the PURE model, getting to know other leaders’ perspectives and experiences, and applying what we learned in actual exercises. That’s how you learn.”

“Small groups for coaching – it was important to speak, receive feedback and practice immediately. It was also really helpful to provide coaching to a peer. I learned as much from listening and participating in giving feedback as I did in my own practice sessions.”