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Our professional role players are chosen to be part of the Impromptu Team for a number of reasons:

  • business experience to suit the credibility of the client base.
  • their understanding of the learning environment.
  • being trained in giving feedback to the learner; personality and match to ours and our clients’ values.
  • their ability to convincingly ‘play’ a role; their flexibility in the training environment.

Impromptu role-players are selected on the basis of their ability to be plausible, to be realistic and to engage with the learning context. They are happy to be as involved in the learning as is appropriate. Some are actors. Some are ex-actors. Most have some other professional experience ranging from occupations like sales, marketing, accountancy, IT, law and so on.  All have an interest in people development and education. The role-players, during a role-play will have multiple levels of awareness:


  • The content of the role-play.
  • The experience of the participant ~ their aim is to keep each participant in the stretch zone.
  • The learning context for the individual.
  • The learning context for the course.
  • The business context for the role-play and the course.
  • Their own emotional responses.
  • Noting and remembering key events in the meeting for feedback purposes.


Our team of designers, directors, arts professionals, facilitators amd cpacjes bring a huge wealth of experience in designing and delivering learning and development programmes. They provide a unique combination of business experience, training expertise and a deep understanding of role play and creative methodologies.