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Steve's Corner

‘Steve’s Corner’ is a regular editorial written by Steve Harvey, Director, Impromptu Ltd. 

Steve has many years experience in the application of interactive learning methodologies. He is the company’s Finance Director and Team Manager and has a background in teaching, marketing, sales, outdoor sports education and management development. He has a degree in Creative Arts, an MA in Education (research) and a Diploma in Performance Coaching.

Living without Judgement (part one)

A few days ago another motorist cut me up at the exit from a roundabout. He was coming from the wrong lane. He was in the wrong.

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In Our Own World

My fifteen year old daughter, Emma, has recently been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. We hear about it, read about it, sometimes see it perhaps from a distance. Nothing prepares you for the appalling reality of it. Someone you love denying themselves, day after day, that most basic of human needs while you watch them slowing wasting away in front of you.

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The Genius in Everyone

A few days ago I listened to a TED talk given by Sir Ken Robinson. It was called, “Do Schools Kill Creativity.” What struck me first, was how consummately gifted Ken is as a comedian; authentic and self-effacing by contrast to many of the current crop of overinflated, self-indulgent and self-promoting stand-ups.

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Assume all are Potential Allies

A couple of years ago I was introduced to a paper by Allan Cohen and David Bradford* which introduces a framework for ‘influencing without authority’. I have been thinking about this a lot recently; what it means, what it tells us about the capacity of humans to really collaborate with each other, and sometimes how difficult it is to overcome the personal goals and interests and positional thinking that prevents us from doing so.

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