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Steve's Corner

‘Steve’s Corner’ is a regular editorial written by Steve Harvey, Director, Impromptu Ltd. 

Steve has many years experience in the application of interactive learning methodologies. He is the company’s Finance Director and Team Manager and has a background in teaching, marketing, sales, outdoor sports education and management development. He has a degree in Creative Arts, an MA in Education (research) and a Diploma in Performance Coaching.

Something Different, Something New

It was a day that invited thoughtfulness and quiet reflection in turns. It was a day that provided an opportunity to glance at ourselves from the perspective of others, to know ourselves in new ways and a little bit more. There was music and colour and toys and safe, person centred facilitation that gently enabled us to absorb in our own and other experiences.

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Dimensions of Awareness

It is a matter of common knowledge that we all operate from multiple levels of awareness most of the time. We are aware of ourselves, others around us, our emotions, our beliefs, our environment. Working as a professional role player I am aware of how important it is not only to engage with all of these levels of awareness but, importantly, to connect with meta-awareness, an awareness that has an overview of all of these dimensions and monitors them, constantly.

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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

It can be said that much of the work we do is strongly connected with and driven by delivering strategy: introducing a new performance management framework; growing sales; improving customer service scores; embedding consulting and partnering as an engagement model; and so on.

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A Time for Being

A lady is in a waiting room mentally going through her to do list, when she overhears a lady trying on a headscarf because she has cancer. It then puts her troubles into perspective.

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Dimensions of Awareness (part two)

Recently I was in a one-to-one coaching session. My coachee was a professional; an intelligent, able, engaging individual who was on the cusp of significant career progression. She was stuck.

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