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‘Steve’s Corner’ is a regular editorial written by Associate and former Impromptu Director Steve Harvey.

Reframing Regret

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Until recently I couldn’t really countenance the idea of regret. Regret is something I associated with living in the past, with unhealthy dwelling. It felt like regret was too wrapped up with...

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Where Does Self-belief Really Come From

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Over the past few weeks I have been binge listening to Steven Bartlett’s podcast series, ‘The Diary of a CEO’. I don’t think I have ever binged on anything so avidly in all my life. It is...

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Inhabiting the Sage Perspective

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Since stepping back from full-time work I have become engaged with Positive Intelligence (PQ). Some of you, I know, are familiar with it. For those who aren’t, the proposition is both simple and...

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Well you dont do you

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu In my life, I have had two mental health episodes. The first, was when I was 20, two days before I started university. Suddenly, very suddenly, I descended into a bottomless, ineluctable depression....

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Nothing Really Happens

Article by Steve Harvey, Director Impromptu The Assistant is a film in which virtually nothing happens. It tells a day in the life of an Assistant Producer for a movie production company. The unspoken context is the horrifying episodes of...

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