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‘Steve’s Corner’ is a regular editorial written by Associate and former Impromptu Director Steve Harvey.

Stretching Awareness

I’m currently reading a novel by Lisa Genova called Left Neglected. It is about a highly successful, perpetually busy career and family woman, Sarah Nickerson, whose life is devastated as a result of brain injury sustained in a car accident…

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Abrasive Leadership

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Not so long ago I was working with a senior manager who recounted a recent example of a meeting with a director from their business, not the person’s direct manager, but someone they had occasional...

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Why Don’t You?

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Oscar Wilde We all do it, don't we? Avoid tricky conversations. We evade them altogether, or we come at them from such oblique angles that we miss the...

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Reframing Regret

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Until recently I couldn’t really countenance the idea of regret. Regret is something I associated with living in the past, with unhealthy dwelling. It felt like regret was too wrapped up with...

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Where Does Self-belief Really Come From

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Over the past few weeks I have been binge listening to Steven Bartlett’s podcast series, ‘The Diary of a CEO’. I don’t think I have ever binged on anything so avidly in all my life. It is...

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