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A Brief Reflection, on Time for Reflection

Reflection is a word we hear often in training; the desirability of being able to reflect being well known (and commended), and an attribute we encourage in trainees and learners across sectors. Reflective practice – the ability to be able to...

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Professional Role Play Makes A Real Difference

In 1999 Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman published the seminal book, ‘First, Break all the Rules’. At the heart of the book is the presentation of outcomes from a massive Gallup research study. This study was conducted over twenty-five years...

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Influential Conversation; motivation not coercion

‘Influencing’, or the ability to have change related impact on the behaviour, attitudes and/or decision making drive of another person, is widely considered to be a desirable professional skill. Developing strategies for positively influencing...

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