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Our Values

We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency; we also like the human touch. The directors personally know and work regularly with every member of our team and this helps us maintain quality and consistency for our clients. We are committed to developing the capability of our team and run training workshops and provide mentoring/coaching.

We will endeavour to ensure that:

  • Our clients, our partners, our associates and all the individual participants we work with are dealt with sensitively, respectfully and to the high standard the company is proud of.
  • Flexibility and a positive ‘can-do’ approach are at the forefront of our work, our solutions and our relationships.
  • Learning objectives are met, tailored to the individual and/or client on every occasion, while being mindful that the Impromptu approach remains enjoyable, meaningful and sustainable.
  • We continue to seek, reflect on and act on feedback from those who know and work with us, in order to learn and grow ourselves

We’re also pretty keen on looking after our people and doing our bit for the environment. You can read our environment and diversity policies here if you’d like to find out more.

Giving back – charities, support and the Danny Wiskin Award

It’s important of course when you are fortunate enough to have rewarding work and opportunities to remember that in other places growth needs a helping hand. To that end we commit funds each year to charity projects, with an emphasis where possible on local endeavour and education.

We have continued to support our first ever beneficiaries, The Dogs Trust and World Vision, in the case of the latter sponsoring a long term project in Bolivia where the aim is for the community to become self-sufficient. With each update it’s clear this goal is achievable, and getting closer. Letters from our contact there, Justina, are full of hope. She was 10 when we met her; now a woman of 18. Since incorporation we have additionally supported a wide variety of projects brought to our attention, led and/or participated in by team members, including marathons, medical support, community education and public awareness raising projects. To make the money work as hard as it can we are actively looking for new, longer term, sustainable projects to support.

“A hand up, not a hand out”

Danny Wiskin Award Gambia

Our primary existing project is offering on-going financial support to an extraordinary project in the Gambia. Thanks to the efforts of teacher Pete Evans and his team of colleagues and schoolchildren at Hampstead Hall School, what was once a patch of bare earth is now an operational school, offering learning to over 200 children who previously lacked access to even the most basic education. Older children from the UK School have visited the Gambia to take part in education there, and support the younger pupils. Remarkably, foundations for a health centre next door (see picture) went down this year. It’s a home grown initiative, which we are proud to be associated with.