Experience and Calibre

An End to End Approach

Our Values

We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency; we also like the human touch. The directors personally know and work regularly with every member of our team and this helps us maintain quality and consistency for our clients. We are committed to developing the capability of our team and run training workshops and provide mentoring/coaching.

We will endeavour to ensure that:

  • Our clients, our partners, our associates and all the individual participants we work with are dealt with sensitively, respectfully and to the high standard the company is proud of.
  • Flexibility and a positive ‘can-do’ approach are at the forefront of our work, our solutions and our relationships.
  • Learning objectives are met, tailored to the individual and/or client on every occasion, while being mindful that the Impromptu approach remains enjoyable, meaningful and sustainable.
  • We continue to seek, reflect on and act on feedback from those who know and work with us, in order to learn and grow ourselves.

We’re also pretty keen on looking after our people and doing our bit for the environment. You can read our environment and diversity policies here if you’d like to find out more.

Giving back – charities, support and the Danny Wiskin Award

Impromptu is committed to making a positive contribution to creating a safe and just world for all. We support a number of charities that are focussed on sustainability or education projects.

We are delighted to partner with The Whitley Fund for Nature, a fundraising and grant-giving nature conservation charity offering recognition, training and grants to support the work of proven grassroots conservation leaders across the Global South.

The Whitley Awards support grassroots leaders in countries rich in natural resources but lacking in financial resource for conservation. Winners are local environmental heroes, acting on the latest science and leading projects with passion. Through them we support work rooted in communities that creates lasting benefits for habitats, wildlife and people.

From our London-based office, WFN’s objectives are to:

  • Find, recognise and fund grassroots conservation leaders across the Global South.
  • Champion and repeat fund the most effective winners.
  • Support the replication and growth of effective conservation solutions.
  • Raise awareness of the work of winners and spread the message that we can all make a difference to conservation.


Danny Wiskin, Connie’s father, was instrumental in the establishing of Impromptu and in his honour we award grants to organisations that align with our commitment to creating a safe and just world.


Current recipients are

Salaam Baalak Trust – New Delhi
The trust provides care and protection to street children through health, nutrition, mental health, education and training and support for performing arts such as photography, theatre, dance and puppetry.

Impromptu’s Managing Director, Nigel came across the charity on a work trip to New Delhi, where he went on one of their guided walks around Delhi’s main railway station where many of the homeless children are to be found. “I saw first-hand the deprivation, poverty and dangerous situation these children faced day in day out as they tried to survive by gathering waste from trains for re-cycling. We were led on the walk by young adults who had themselves been homeless and helped by the Salaam Baalak Trust and now worked to create safe spaces for these children, where they can meet, play, learn and grow. I found the experience upsetting, sobering and incredibly moving. In the face of such hardship these children were smiling, laughing, playing and learning thanks to the work of the Trust.


Susan Aitchison Scholarship Fund

Susan Aitchison Scholarship Fund, helping young people to stay in full time education in the Lalibela area of Ethiopia. Impromptu’s founder Connie has a personal connection.

“In 2019 I saw an episode of Ben Fogle’s documentary series “Lives in the Wild”, featuring Susan Aitchison, a retired teacher from Glasgow. Susan had rejected retirement to re-locate a remote region of Africa, where she has integrated into the community, set up a school …. and opened a mountain-top restaurant. Hooked by Susan’s remarkable story, I contacted her and she invited me and my partner Tom to visit. Her generosity and work ethos are extraordinary, keeping young people from Lalibela in the education system where previously they’d have had to work rather than attend school. The operation is run by volunteers, and currently supports 45 students (“making the impossible dream possible”). In Ethiopia a little goes a long way; it was sobering for me to learn that a year’s education can be achieved for as little as £250. Susan and Habtamu’s spirit, warmth and welcome will stay with me for a long time and I am proud that Impromptu will be supporting a local student going forward. I was inspired by Susan’s can-do approach, adaptability, passion (and stamina on the dance floor!). It was, for sure, a life-changing experience.”