Experience and Calibre

Our Values

An End to End Approach

From the very start our priority will be to understand your requirements before proposing an approach to meet your objectives.

Impromptu can offer a range of contributions to learning solutions:


  • A complete solution from a needs analysis, to programme design, delivery, evaluation and on-going support.
  • Co-creation ~ where the industry and/or learning knowledge from the client are combined with the interactive solutions from Impromptu in a seamless design.
  • Provision of professional role-players ~ on programmes facilitated by the client’s Consultants.
  • Writing of bespoke role-play and business simulation materials.
  • Contribution to design, particularly relating to use of the role-play and creative/arts methodology.
  • Producing broadcast standard video material on DVD or e-learning platforms and mobile devices for training purposes.

Our Promise

Our commitment is to ensure that the learning experience provided to every client will be to the highest standard. We achieve this through ensuring that our associates:


  • Are of the highest calibre, both in terms of their experience and personal qualities.
  • Are familiar with your business and draw on their own extensive business and learning experience to provide high levels of credibility.
  • Are experienced in providing the appropriate level of support and challenge; be flexible enough to know when to adjust the level of challenge and sensitive in their delivery of feedback. A large part of the learning comes from powerful feedback.  We are highly experienced in providing insightful feedback tailored to the individual, drawn from the role play experience, that builds on the participant’s strengths, enabling them to get the most from the learning experience.