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Why most well-intentioned training initiatives fail to deliver value and impact and the way to beat this dilemma.

By Nick Ombewa

The investments that organizations make in developing their people are heavily undermined when there’s a struggle to derive value and business impact.
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Abrasive Leadership

Article by Steve Harvey, Associate Impromptu Not so long ago I was working with a senior manager who recounted a recent example of a meeting with a director from their business, not the person’s direct manager, but someone they had occasional...

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Impromptu Ltd and Floating Harbour Films present a highly acclaimed demonstration of the GROW approach to coaching, Ideal for use either in the training room, or individually, this film will help you understand some of the core skills and approaches to successful coaching.

Monica is a highly successful project manager, but is not feeling excited or challenged by her current work. What lies at the route of her dissatisfaction, the project, her role, her career? what does she need to do to address this? Watch how Steve uses a coaching approach to help Monica move forwards.

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