Impromptu working with Zest Learning Limited on their “Maternity Unlimited” Programme

Impromptu is delighted to be working in association with Zest Learning Limited on their programme “Maternity Unlimited”. Using the latest academic and workplace evidence, their programmes are developed and delivered using a mix of established and experiential learning techniques.

Maternity Unlimited understand that for both men and women, the transition from employee, to parent, to working parent, is a challenging time for everyone involved. And with the support of their Advisory Board, (consisting of academics, business leaders and experts in the fields of maternity and work/life balance) they are able to manage this change giving organisations the opportunity to offer tangible benefits to its workforce whilst strengthening their brand’s value to customers and future employee’s alike.

Maternity Unlimited promotes the benefits of an inclusive workforce and enables organisations to develop a modern maternity strategy that supports both their maternal population and line managers.

The Maternity Unlimited team is led by Nikki Bartlett, L&D Director of Zest Learning; an enthusiastic, energetic and passionate training company who thrive on practising what it preaches!

For more information please visit their website: