Immersive Simulation ~ High-Profile Client

What the client wanted

The client is a major, high-profile organisation tens of thousands of employees providing a critical service. The requirement was to deliver a two-day immersive business simulation for more than 600 senior leaders, to equip them to fulfil their role in delivering organisation-wide transformation. The leadership simulation would sit as a core experience within a comprehensive leadership development programme.

Impromptu worked seamlessly with leading management consultancy, Lane4 ( to implement the design and delivery of this challenging simulation. The client needed a solution that delivered meaningful change and tangible outcomes to drive up performance, engagement and external satisfaction. The response had to be compelling, shifting both hearts and minds.

What we did

The resulting simulation is probably our most complex yet. It is layered, multi-dimensional and dynamic. Participants in the simulation are tasked to develop a significant culture transformation solution, within the context of a fictitious mirror organisation. The attendees are required to synthesise and make sense of vast amounts of data, engage with and influence senior sponsors as well as myriad stakeholders, respond to frequent shifts in scope and priority, collaborate effectively as small and larger teams, lead through uncertainty and ambiguity, whilst demonstrating creativity, agility and resilience. The learning environment encourages them to reflect profoundly on their leadership impact, to gain deeper insight into the shadow they cast and to embrace the change they, and the organisation, want to see.

Technology plays a significant role in the simulation. Installed in a purpose designed, dedicated learning environment, the technology enables the participants to interact with sophistication, inviting them to step into the space of digital leadership and to generate slick and professional outputs.

The outcomes

Participants take away a range of significant, individual learning outcomes, which include deeper self-awareness, expanded insight into their leadership impact, strategies for achieving resonant leadership in a complex and challenging environment, resilience, self-confidence, skills for influencing down, across and up, and increased capacity for articulating compelling narratives for success and transformation.

A further, critical, outcome of the programme is served by the fact that participants engage with the leadership simulation in cross-functional cohorts, with the impact of fostering enhanced collaboration, establishing sustainable networks and underscoring the organisational imperative to achieve a shared vision.

Each simulation delivers a palpable shift. We see it and feel it. It is visceral. It is fulfilling. It is meaningful.

Lane4 response

“Our partners at Impromptu were integral to the success of this part of the broader programme. The team worked alongside us to deliver a truly bespoke, challenging and transformational experience for these leaders”

Kate Barnes, Client Director

Editorial by Steve Harvey, Director Impromptu