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We are proud of our long-standing partnerships with a number of leading consultancies and business schools. Our expertise in leadership development and executive learning means we can ensure that we can dovetail our role-play solution to your client programmes.

Our starting point for considering the process for designing of role-play into a learning solution is to consider the many variables. Size of group, learning context, business context, budget, amount of time, experience of the group and many other factors are accounted for. Typically the starting point for the specifics of the design is, what is the client’s reality that we are endeavouring to replicate through the role-play experience and how does this relate to other learning factors? We will also strive to maximise the use of the role-players in the time that they are available.

The Impromptu engagement

Impromptu can offer a range of contributions to learning solutions:

  • Co-creation ~ where the industry and/or learning knowledge from the client are combined with the interactive solutions from Impromptu in a seamless design.
  • Provision of professional role-players ~ on programmes facilitated by the client’s Consultants;
  • Writing of bespoke role-play and business simulation materials.
  • Contribution to design, particularly relating to use of the role-play methodology.
  • Producing broadcast standard video material on DVD or web browsers for training purposes.

We are happy to:

  • Be as involved in the process from beginning (pre-tender) to end (evaluation) as is appropriate.
  • To explore new and creative solutions.

What differentiates Impromptu as a role-play solutions provider?

  • Our capacity to bring the elements of role-play, business and learning together to a depth that is unparalleled;
  • The intellectual and academic stature of our team;
  • The total professionalism and dedication of everyone on our team;
  • Our capacity to instil confidence in clients that we will deliver the highest quality solution;
  • Capacity to produce high level, complex written materials and business simulations;
  • A real passion for and commitment to adding value, a determination to have a real impact on participants, combined with a determination to impact on the client’s business;
  • Genuinely collaborative solutions with clients and a genuine focus on getting it right for the customer

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