‘Eau de Vodafone – Brand essence brought to life

What the client wanted

Vodafone UK’s brand engagement team were looking for a dynamic, entertaining and stimulating event to support their ‘leadership challenge’ – a workshop designed to bring the company’s brand essence to life for its leaders.

What we did

Working alongside the UK team and the Ireland Operating Company, Impromptu created and delivered an interactive theatrical event for 200 leaders at Leopardstown, Dublin’s premier racecourse.

Hosted by our very own version of Ireland’s most famous chat show host, the particpants were variously amused, surprised, delighted and educated – all in the best possible taste!
After getting to know the audience ‘Graham’ introduced them to a scene depicting an everyday encounter within the business.

The particpants were invited to reflect on where brand essence and leadership values were or were not being demonstrated and to help out with advice on how things could be improved. Using this forum technique the participants were able to describe what living the brand means to them and see its impact in practice.

Later, working in smaller groups the participants had the opportunity to see how they measure up themselves to living the brand through role playing with each other and professional role players – gaining invaluable feedback and insight from their peers.

Finally, Graham wound things up in his inimitable way; summarising the participants’ achievements – the unique aroma of ‘eau de Vodafone’!

The outcome

“Impromptu brought a really innovative approach to our brand engagement event which was quite a challenge with 200 people! Our people really valued the opportunity to give live feedback to the role players and the practice sessions helped them to establish how to demonstrate the brand essence in their daily activities”.

Responsive, stimlating, entertaining and thought provoking – all Impromptu hallmarks.