COMPLETE SOLUTIONS | Heath Lambert Group

What the client wanted

Impromptu had worked with the Heath Lambert Group (HLG) HR Director in a different context whilst he was working with a previous organisation. As a result of this association, Impromptu were the first port of call when the use of professional role-play was determined essential to an organisation-wide training programme roll out.

HLG, in common with many organisations, had identified a significant cost issue relating to workforce absence. The HR Director had redesigned the processes surrounding effective absence management, and needed both management buy-in and expertise to ensure that these processes were cascaded throughout HLG.

What we did

As use of role-play was new to HLG, they were naturally concerned that Impromptu added value, rather than anxiety, to the training intervention. Impromptu spent some time working through the implications and benefits of role-playing as a methodology. Impromptu additionally supported the HLG Training and HR teams during the development of relevant case study materials, and worked with them to ensure that they reflected the full range of necessary learning across the revised absence management process. When the programme was delivered, Impromptu supplied both role-play and facilitation services throughout the subsequent roll out.

The outcomes

Impromptu role-players and facilitator received universally positive feedback from both HLG Training and HR team members for their contribution to this programme. Feedback from the HR Director was also positive as his senior managers reported (directly to him) their experiences of their role-play experience during their attendance on the programme. Whilst Impromptu cannot claim credit for the subsequent reduction in absenteeism within HLG, a reduction in absenteeism has followed the roll out of this programme.

As a result of the success of this programme, Impromptu has begun working with HLG Training and HR to develop a training intervention to support the organisational redevelopment of HLG Disciplinary and Grievance processes.

Once again, Impromptu is delighted to be actively involved in the development of materials, and the provision of role-play and facilitation services for this programme.