COMPLETE SOLUTIONS | Disciplinary, Capability and Grievance Training

What the client wanted

A major banking organisation engaged us to deliver a face-to-face workshop to give managers and leaders from across the business, the skills and confidence to run D, C & G meetings successfully and safely. The objective of the workshop was partly to ensure that managers had the necessary skills but also to embed the policies, processes and employment law that sit behind the meetings.

What we did

Impromptu worked with stakeholders from leadership development and HR within the organisation to design a small group, interactive workshop that would meet this need and dovetail with an e-learning module (designed internally) to be completed prior to the face-to-face learning.

The core of the, half-day, workshop is practice around 3 case studies, one each for discipline, capability and grievance meetings. Through these case studies the participants, who each have an opportunity lead, note-take and observe the meetings, develop the skills to handle the meetings effectively, and also refine their understanding of the policies and processes and how they are applied practically.

Impromptu has provided the design, facilitation and role-players for these workshops. The facilitator and role-player work very closely together on the day to ensure that every participant, experienced managers from across the business and right up to senior team, achieves best practice in this challenging and potentially high-risk area of management capability.

For the senior team, Impromptu designed and delivered a variation on this core workshop which also involved dealing with appeals meetings.

The outcomes

To date, over the last 18 months since the programme began, around 150 managers from across the UK and Europe have been through this programme.

The outcomes have been:

  • Raising the confidence and competence of managers in managing these difficult meetings;
  • Achieving consistency in approach across the management community irrespective of geography and business area;
  • Embedding the principles and policies that inform the running of these meetings.

“Impromptu’s approach works really well for us; it’s highly interactive and the use of professional role-players maximises the realistic nature of the training.”

Learning & Development Manager