COMPLETE SOLUTIONS | Criminal Justice Service Agency ~ Management Development

What the client wanted

Impromptu was invited to work with a leading criminal justice service agency to develop their managers. The brief was to develop the team of capable managers into excellent people managers as part of the agency’s vision to provide a world class prosecution service. Beyond the remit of providing a staged management development solution, Impromptu’s brief is also to contribute to the process of cultural change within the agency’s area.

What we did

To date we have designed and delivered two management development programmes as part of an ongoing process. Both of the programmes have blended input around management and behavioural models with practice of skills in the agency’s specific situations using our professional role-players. We have employed a range of role-play methodologies, including forum role-play, pre-written scenarios, participant constructed scenarios, demonstrations and tag forum role-playing, to ensure continued stretch, challenge and variety.

Beyond this, in order to maximise the impact of each intervention we have engaged managers with 360 feedback, post-course partner coaching, professional coaching (with Impromptu coaches) and meetings with line-managers for objective setting and review activities.

An observation process running through the second of the two programmes will provide us with information and evidence to design individualised interventions as the next stage of this management development process.

The outcomes

The learning outcomes have been many and impacted directly on cultural and business development:

  • Substantially improved confidence of managers in being able to handle challenging management situations in an intense and highly demanding public sector organisation;
  • Significant contribution to change for the organisation as the demands placed on managers increase in response to an ever more complex landscape;
  • The development of real skills for the real world against a backdrop of a need for transformative leadership.