Chantal Herman


Chantal has worked in the entertainment industry over the last fifteen years as actor, director and writer and has facilitated change for companies through Industrial Theatre, training videos and Brand Ambassador training. Her passion lies in igniting Inner Leadership, peace and connection in individuals and groups through her pioneering ‘Involutions’ work to foster workplaces and communities that enhance and uplift.


Chantal has experience in creating educational experiences for television and video as well as experience in Holistic medicine, coaching, workshop facilitation, writing copy, social media and personal branding and is known for her innovative problem-solving and communication skills.


Areas of Expertise

  • Coaching
  • Reconciliation
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Workshop Facilitation


  • Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance Associate
  • Trinity College Drama Diploma
  • Certified BodyTalk System Advanced, Parama Practitioner
  • Writing, Producing and Camerawork for Video – Citivarsity
  • ‘The Path’ Mission and Vision Facilitation Certificate