ASSESSMENT CENTRES | Judicial Appointments Commission Selection Exercises

What the client wanted

The JAC (and previously the Department for Constitutional Affairs) run selection exercises for a range of judicial appointments. These assessment centres contain a variety of activities to give candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their potential.The client wanted to add a true to life element of challenge to candidates via live role-play in order to assess their court management, communication and decision making skills. 

What we did

Impromptu has created dedicated teams of professional role-players who combine legal backgrounds with experience of assessment centres and reflect the gender, age and ethnic origins of the variety of characters involved in any particular case. Cases run for up to 30 minutes in a range of judicial environments – employment, disability and pension tribunals and court cases before deputy district judges or recorders. Impromptu role- players play all the principle characters involved in each case including; defence and prosecution advocates, legal advisers, defendants, complainants, witnesses and key court officials.

The Outcomes

Impromptu has been providing role-players for judicial selection exercises since 2003. Feedback from our client consistently highlights the professionalism and flexibility of our role-players in addition to their ability to play credible characters and present a consistent level of challenge across candidates attending the assessment centres.