Impromptu goes virtual

We are working hard to translate our unique approach to learning into the virtual space and are very excited about the results and potential. To see what this looks and feels like have a look at these videos demonstrating how Impromptu can help grow confidence and skill in communicating through virtual platforms and managing difficult conversations with respect.

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Impromptu use role-play and drama techniques to create compelling learning experiences.

For over 20 years we have been delivering practical, tangible learning that is directly relevant to the workplace. We are firm believers in an experiential approach, engaging the mind and the heart and having fun along the way.

We have an international team of role players, facilitators and writers and have delivered programmes in more than 20 countries around the world.

Our team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds - actors, writers, lawyers, accountants, academics, sales and marketing professionals, medics, business owners.  That experience combined with highly developed feedback skills and the ability to be flexible, creates memorable, individualised learning experiences for participants.

We're a friendly bunch, guided by Steven Covey's maxim - 'seek first to understand....' - we will listen, listen again and listen some more, before coming back to you with a creative response that will make learning practical, enjoyable, challenging and transferable.

What sets us apart?  The calibre of our people, the rigour of our approach and the quality of our work.  100% of clients who responded to our last survey believe that the presence of Impromptu on their training event added significant value on every occasion.

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